Not only am I a writer but I’m also working as an editor. I will review any diverse or feminist young adult novels where the main character is a smart and resourceful woman. I may even read stories with cliché characters simply because I want to make them better but there are certain genres that I will not read.

1) Horror. Dark fantasy is fine but just plain horror doesn’t make for much of an interesting story for me and frankly, I hate having nightmares.

2) Erotica. There is no story or character development behind any erotica. It’s just sex, sex, sex all the time and nobody wants to read that. Or at least I don’t. Please don’t send me erotica. It’s disturbing.

3) Religious. If the story is basically forcing your opinions and your beliefs down my throat, I will not read it. Most people do not support marriage equality and that is why I do not read any religious stories (unless they’re myths and legends.)