Extraordinarily Ordinary

There is a magic university hidden by the trees of the Elder Woods. Here students learn to master one of three types of magic. It’s a very prestigious university. Few students are hand-selected to enroll.

Imogen Arling has no idea what she’s in for when she receives a letter of invitation from the headmistress herself. In this world of magic and mayhem, Imogen learns that faeries have dual natures, casting spells that you create can often backfire, and getting on the headmistress’s kid’s bad side is often a poor choice. It couldn’t possibly get any worse, could it?

Praise for Extraordinarily Ordinary (so far):

“I love how you included a bit of the modern world in your story. The standardized testing is a nice touch.” – Calley Odum

“You put your own spin on…[familiar] stories [making your story] feel completely unique.” – Kayla Fame

“I love the imagery and world  building.” – Urvi Patel

“I’m hooked on [this] story. I’m invested in Imogen and the adventure she has embarked upon.” – Annie

“The concept is really good and you’ve got some great character development in Imogen and Aine.” – Emily Stokes